WordPress – Understanding and Customizing Themes

Web Technology for Doing Business on the Internet   With over 1,330 themes on the WordPress site, along with many commercial themes and theme builder systems, you would think that anything you can imagine is available. With all of that, … Continue reading

Getting Started with WordPress

Web Technology for Doing Business on the Internet   WordPress blogs are quickly becoming everyone’s new favorite website platform. Businesses large and small are utilizing WordPress blogs to create an interactive website environment. With hundreds of “Themes” and “Plugins” is … Continue reading

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Pay for WordPress Setup

We all know you can get a free version of Wordpress to use as a website or blog at Wordpress.com, but is it really worth it? Free is great but is it a value to your business? Here are some reasons why we think you should consider paying to get a Wordpress website or blog set up and customized for you.

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