Why Google+ Is Critical for Small Businesses

I suppose you have heard of Google???  If you are doing business on the web, this is a stupid question.  If you are not a “web business” this might seem less important. Even then you should be aware of Google … Continue reading

10 Great Social Media Marketing Sites

Top Social Media Marketing Sites If you are a business owner and you want to start leveraging social media as a marketing source here are our top 10 ‘social media marketing sites’ for you to consider.  Social Media is a … Continue reading

Top Social Marketing Websites For Do-IT-Yourself Marketing

This article like many of our articles on this blog is geared toward the small business owner that is looking to marketing themselves more effectively online. Social Media Marketing is a great low-cost way for many business owners to more “buzz” about their knowledge, products and services.

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Experiences with AWeber Marketing Software

Like all businesses right now we are examining every inch of our marketing methods to see how we can do more for the the same or less cost. So we decided to take a look at the email marketing software we were using and see if there were other providers that had some features that would allow us to automate our process and tap into social media at the same time.

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