Five Straightforward Steps for Making Your Content Stand Out

A Small Business Beginner’s Guide I’ve never been one who was particularly interested in standing out in the crowd.  Blending in was more my style. But blending in will get you nowhere fast with Google. With the rise of semantic … Continue reading

Girl Scout Cookies and Why Authenticity Works

Authenticity is becoming the latest buzzword in marketing.  You see it everywhere… defined, analyzed, philosophized, evangelized, and examined from every angle as we try to understand what it is and how to show it.   Then I experienced first-hand a … Continue reading

Leveraging Chamber Membership for Improved Google Search Results

For local businesses, being a member of a local Chamber of Commerce has many traditional benefits. Those include: Local publicity opportunities Networking opportunities Mailing lists and referrals With the emergence of Google+,  another major benefit now is available to those … Continue reading