Building Your Brand on Google+

Martin Shervington on Building Your Brand on Google+

John Moore and I had the immense pleasure of talking with Martin Shervington about how small businesses can get involved with Google+.

If Google+ has seemed like a black box to you, Martin clearly explains why it is important and how to go about using G+ as a small business owner.  Even if you’re an experienced G+ user, you will discover new insights and ways of looking at this platform.

Some of Martin’s insights…

-> Local is the easiest entree into G+

-> Local and Mobile may be the tipping points for Google+

-> Google+ is a social platform as well as a social layer

-> Consider Adwords if you do not see yourself doing content marketing

-> Your website is the center of your online world and social media is the distribution channel

Scan through the time stamp summary and index of the show embedded below to see all the topics covered.  Use the time stamps to zero in on any part that is of special interest to you.

Many thanks to Martin Shervington who always frames Google Plus in such an accessible way. His candid assessment of what works and what’s challenging is of tremendous help to small business people.


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