Search and Beyond: Web Visibility for Small Business

Small Business Web Visibility Event

At our November 2014 Small Business WebTech event, John Moore and I had the pleasure of speaking with a true expert in Internet marketing, Ammon Johns, about web visibility for small businesses.

What is web visibility?

In the broadest sense it can mean anything that results in awareness of you and/or your business online and offline. In a stricter sense it can mean anything that results in the growing and nurturing of your online audience.

For micro/small businesses, thinking in terms of visibility instead of search engine rankings integrates more cleanly into how small businesses operate naturally, with the added bonus of helping various aspects of your SEO at the same time.

The challenge is bringing those nice-sounding concepts into something that relates to your business operations.For most small businesses, if it’s not part of the regular process it will get left behind and neglected.

Our special guest, Ammon Johns has that deep real world business experience to help bring all of those ideals into focus with real advice as to how to enhance your visibility both on and offline within all the daily tasks of your business

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