Recent Project Focus – WordPress Migration for SkinFitness, Etc.

We recently finished a WordPress migration project for one of our longtime clients, SkinFitness, Etc.  We built their original website six years ago.  At the time it was a high quality website that met all the standards of the day.  However, by now the code was out of date, and even though the client wanted to keep the same “look” of the site and content, they were also looking for more functionality.  The answer?  To move them to a WordPress based site.  We call this a WordPress migration.

Skinfitness Ect WordPress Website

The benefits SkinFitness now has with their new WordPress site:

  • They can edit their content easily through the WordPress Admin Panel.
  • They can use dynamic tools via WordPress Plugins, such as rotating testimonials and social media badges.
  • They can be more visible online with powerful SEO features.
  • They can easily add additional features such as a blog, photo gallery, video players and more!
  • Most importantly they have essential resources and support through our Online Customer Development Center, where they can ask questions, watch educational videos, and download ebooks to make their online business visibility more successful.


“SonicSpider has been my web host for 6 years. In that time, I’ve never felt the need nor the desire to use another host. Their attention to detail, personal service, and education along the way has been invaluable to me and my business. And their knowledge of keywords and phrases, neatly sprinkled on each page of my website keeps me always on the first page of searches. They keep at the top of the game and with them, so does my business.”

Charlene Handel
Skin Fitness Etc

We invite you to take a look at our WordPress Migration services if you feel your old business website is ready for a technology and/or design face lift.  We’ve got a package to fit everyone’s budget and needs!


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