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RightStart GooglePlusDoing business in today’s world, whether online or off, no one can ignore the massive changes occurring in our society as a result of technology. Social media has taken over the mindshare of business marketing at every level. There may still be some businesses that can afford to ignore this wave, but it won’t be far off, that to do so, will be at your business’s peril. Google, like any tech business, cannot stand still and let others innovate in the social media space, so Google+ is Google’s initiative for transforming and enhancing their search business model to social media. This ebook is based on our research on the current state of Google+ as it might apply to small business needs. Google is changing constantly so keeping up on a regular basis is vital.

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About the Right Start eBook Series

One of the challenges for small business in web technology is to understand that technology enough to properly apply it to their business needs. Unfortunately the learning curve is very steep and the available information is vast and overwhelming. For the small business, the Internet is the best source of that information, but it also has become a burden of wealth. How to sort out what is important “right now” and what might be useful later becomes a constant challenge.

The goal of the Right Start ebook series is to provide a focused overview of a web technology that is geared to small business. Those aspects of the technology that are of lesser use to a small business are mentioned only in passing and to provide perspective while those technologies that are more critical are covered in more detail. The key is to help build a foundation of knowledge and understanding that the small business owner can build upon while minimizing the risk of going down blind alleys in the process.


About John Moore

John Moore is the co-founder of SonicSpider, LLC in San Diego County, California. John is our head Internet developer, overseeing the direction of our technical services. He has been programming in a variety of languages for more than 25 years, first as the owner of the consulting and system architect/design company, Micro-Phyla Systems, which provided services to enterprise level companies, and then as a principle with SonicSpider LLC. SonicSpider has two primary divisions, SonicWebTech for programming, ecommerce solutions, and general web oriented technical assistance - and RightStart Websites, specializing in WordPress, which provide low cost web packages and website enhancements that can span your needs from "do it yourself" to "do it all for me". John is also a PayPal Certified Developer and has extensive experience with many payment gateway solutions.
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