The Dev Center: It’s a Win-Win


Several years ago SonicSpider developed the Sonic Development and Resource Center, or the Dev Center, for short.   Our two divisions, RightStart and, both use the Dev Center for purchasing and  project communications with our customers.  We developed the Dev Center as the answer to 4 specific problems.

  • Telephone TagWe always need specific information from our customers for their projects.  Too often we ended up leaving messages and missing calls because of chronic  phone tag. (Yes, we admit, sometimes we’re guilty of it too).
  • Missed emails – If your email inbox looks anything like ours, we don’t need to say much else.  It’s just too easy from emails to get overlooked, forgotten, or even worse, tossed into your junk mail by your spam filter.
  • He said, she said – Without written documentation of what is being done and what is being requested, it becomes a matter of recollection – “I thought you said…”  With all projects communication and documentation done through the Dev Center, that is never an issue because everyone always knows accurately what’s  happening.
  • The check’s in the mail –  Now we know that everyone means to pay their bill on time, but sometimes, for whatever reason, it doesn’t happen, which then adds to our costs chasing down a payment.  By using the pay as you go system, and prepaying for just as much time as you want, the entire billing cycle is eliminated, which meant we could lower our costs and therefore lower our rates, providing considerable savings to our customers!

What the Dev Center Is Not…

  • It is not an attempt to avoid talking to you in person.  We really enjoy talking to our customers.  In fact, here’s our phone  number: 619-330-5958!  We strongly recommend you call us to discuss your questions and needs to see how we can best help you.  And after your project is completed, we would love your feedback.  But during the actual work on your project, the Dev Center is the only way to go, because of all the reasons stated above. 

What the Dev Center Is…  (and why we hope you’ll love it!)

  •  Here is the #1 reason why you should love the the Dev Center:  it keeps costs down without sacrificing quality.  Because of this, our web techs can spend their time completing your project as quickly as possible and not spend their time on missed phone calls, emails, or billing.  You can get the level of expertise you expect at a price you want.
  • The Dev Center is a means to ensure accurate communication with our customers.  We use the Dev Center to document all work that has been completed and to request needed information and/or materials from customers,.  It is also a place where you can post any questions or concerns you may have related to your project.
  • The Dev Center is open 24/7 (naturally).  Communication does not have to take place during business hours, which, depending on time zones, are iffy anyway.  You can log in at any time and find out what’s happening on your project.

It’s a Win-Win 

The Dev Center helps us, but most importantly it helps our customers get expert work at affordable prices with fool-proof communication and documentation.

If you have any question about how the Dev Center works, or about how we can help you with your website and online presence, give us a call.  619-330-5958.  We’d love to talk!