eBOOK RELEASE – “Getting Started with Web Videos for SEO”

We just released our newest ebook last week called “Getting Started with Web Videos for SEO”.  This ebook introduces how you can use simple videos to improve your search engine ranking.  How to select a video tool to create a video and then the how to upload and promote it online.

Download your free version now by clicking this link!

Here is some more items this ebook covers:

  • How to increase your YouTube and page ranking.
  • Ranking, rich snippets and conversations on YouTube.
  • How to use videos for link building.
  • Recommendations on recording devices.
  • Recommendations on screen recording software.
  • Recommendations on simple video editing tools.

You can also watch a video of our live seminar on this ebook topic, web videos for SEO at Oceanside Chamber of Commerce given by John Moore our Technical Director.

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