Webinars for the Time Challenged – Understanding PayPal Solutions

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PayPal has solutions from the ultra simple and easy to the complex and geeky. Going from the simplest solutions to the more complex becomes a source of confusion and sticker shock, and ultimately frustration and failure to deliver on your business process. We will explore these solutions and compare what is required to implement them , both in time and cost.

This webinar is for the busy “I barely have time to think” person. The goal is to give you the knowledge in a highly compact format, to help you understand exactly what is possible with PayPal within your budget and the tasks you need performed.

This is our first webinar and attendance will include a free copy of our 22 page eBook “Understanding PayPal Solutions”

This meeting is a webinar. The webinar URL is:

Webinar Meeting Link

We recommend that everyone use the dial-in system for voice. The will provide better sound quality and interaction other attendees without the delays cause by variations in broadband access. After you join the webinar, dial into the following number and enter the passcode.

Dial-in Number: 702-473-3463
Passcode: 526667


5:45pm to 6pm – Log into webinar and get oriented
6pm to 6:45pm – Main Presentations
6:45pm to 7:15pm – Questions and Answers

Anywhere, CA – USA

Tuesday, April 26 at 6:00 PM

Attending: 1

Details: http://www.meetup.com/WebTechBusiness/events/16061918/

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