Top 10 Ways to Maintain Your Website

Top 10 for Website Maintenance

We’ve all been there – the newness of your website as worn off,  your traffic is taking a slight dive and the buzz is gone.  You may think that you need to launch a costly SEO campaign to get things back to where they were, but before you do there may be some things you can change or add to your website to keep the buzz going.   Below is our recommendations on key areas to consider in website maintenance, as well as resources to help you out.

Website Maintenance Tips

  1. If you don’t have a blog set one up. Create articles on news, events, editorials, stories anything you want to keep the conversation around your products or services interesting.  You should try to put something in your blog at least twice a week if not more.
  2. Review your website traffic. What pages are more popular which ones are not?  How can you change the content on those unpopular pages to make them more interesting?
  3. Is your content up-to-date? You should be reviewing your content on a quarterly basis on your website.  Can you say something better? Is there some verbage that no longer applies to your business?  You should always be fine tuning your content!
  4. Add new images to your site. Change up your images on your website, if you have a header image change that a least once a year, if you have a Flash slide show on your home page change that up as well.  You want to keep your website interesting for people who come back.
  5. Offer something through your website. If you set up an offer through the website that changes regularly it will encourage visitors to comeback again and again, even share your site with others.
  6. Is your code still valid? To most business owners this may not seem important, and most likely you’ve never seen your website code.  However, it is not timeless and it needs to be maintained too.  As advances are made with browsers website code has to be updated to keep up.  We offer website reviews that include the content, design, SEO and code >>
  7. Is your existing SEO current? You need to review your meta tags on your website pages on a quarterly basis and compare it to your website traffic report and make sure what is in your meta tags is being reflected in how people are finding your website. We offer SEO reviews to let you know where you stand >>
  8. What does your Social Media look like? Do you have some Social Media outlets set up (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)? If so make sure you have a plan to keep active on those site via a one-click-submission like HelloTxt.
  9. Make sure your copyright is current. At the very least you should be making sure your copyright at the bottom of every page it up to date!
  10. Get HELP! You may want a team of experts to help you make sure your website is always up-to-date.  We would love to help and we offer several website maintenance packages where we help you keep your website in top working order.  Click here for packages >>

The key thing to remember is website maintenance is an ongoing process as long as you want a successful website.

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