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Social Media has been around in limited ways for a long time but lately it has exploded into a world of itself. In the past there were “News Groups”, “Forums” and “Discussion Groups” that allow people of like mind to share and network. We still have those forms of social media but it expanded to new platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkin.

Like any “latest and greatest” technology coming out, when the dust settles, businesses need to evaluate how that technology might be used or leveraged for the benefit of their business. Often that first impulse can fall in two definitive camps: 1) This is the greatest thing since sliced bread, to 2) You have got to be kidding me. Generally we find it falls somewhere in between.

All the new Social Media technologies that often bombard us with information, makes it sometimes hard to figure out how it can be applied to your business. We hope that we can shed some light on what Social Media outlets are available and how they can be turned into business and marketing opportunities.

How to bring all of that together into a coordinated marketing strategy will be the topic of MeetUp discussion. All attendees receive a free copy of our eBook on this topic.

Remember that MeetUp presentation topics are always repeated as Webinars as part of our “Time Challenged” series.


  • 6 to 7 – (Optional) “no host” dinner and networking
  • 7 to 7:15 – Introductions and announcements
  • 7:15 to 8 – Presentation
  • 8 to 8:30 – Group Questions, Discussion and Networking



Oceanside , CA 92054 – USA

Tuesday, June 7 at 6:00 PM

Attending: 2

Details: http://www.meetup.com/WebTechBusiness/events/16810308/

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John Moore is the co-founder of SonicSpider, LLC in San Diego County, California. John is our head Internet developer, overseeing the direction of our technical services. He has been programming in a variety of languages for more than 25 years, first as the owner of the consulting and system architect/design company, Micro-Phyla Systems, which provided services to enterprise level companies, and then as a principle with SonicSpider LLC. SonicSpider has two primary divisions, SonicWebTech for programming, ecommerce solutions, and general web oriented technical assistance - and RightStart Websites, specializing in WordPress, which provide low cost web packages and website enhancements that can span your needs from "do it yourself" to "do it all for me". John is also a PayPal Certified Developer and has extensive experience with many payment gateway solutions.
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