10 Great Social Media Marketing Sites

Top Social Media Marketing Sites

If you are a business owner and you want to start leveraging social media as a marketing source here are our top 10 ‘social media marketing sites’ for you to consider.  Social Media is a great way to do “do-it-yourself” marketing however to get the best results we recommend talking to a professional SEO expert.

Our Social Media Marketing Sites Recommendations

  1. Twitter – This site can work great but you need to put in the time every day to maintain your connections and post new “tweets”.
  2. Facebook – Creating a Facebook page for your business is a great way to connect with your clients and business resources as well as attract new business.  You can also post images, reviews, videos and more.
  3. LinkedIn – You can create a personal profile, groups and a company profile that you can use to leverage your products and services.
  4. StumbleUpon – One of the most popular social bookmarking sites on the web.  This is a great place to bookmark your own sites as well as others that contain helpful information about your industry.
  5. Squidoo – Squidoo is like a social blogging site.  If you already have a blog, you can easily turn your current blog posts into Squidoo lenses and add more interactive components, such as Amazon books, YouTube videos, links, RSS feeds and more.
  6. YouTube – If you are thinking “I don’t have videos for my business”, that is OK.  You can find other videos on YouTube that you would like to share with your audience.  Some SEO experts claim that this is their favorite marketing site!
  7. Tumblr – Tumblr is more popular than ever.  This social media blog site has now become the hot new site on the Internet.  If you already have a blog it doesn’t hurt to set up another one via Tumblr and link them together.
  8. WordPress.com – This is another blog site where you can set up a free WordPress blog for your business.  Blogs are an important way to get articles, news and videos about your business out on the Internet on a regular basis.  We also offer professional WordPress blog or website set up with more customization options and plugins. Click here to see our WordPress setup packages….
  9. HelloTxt -Once you get all your social media sites setup you now have to figure out an effective way to get information to them in on a regular basis…. HelloTxt is a free service that allows you to do a “one click submission”.  Meaning you enter the information on the HelloTxt website or iPhone App and it gets broadcast out to all of your social media sites.  Cool and easy!
  10. Google Places Profile – Last but not least – if you don’t have a business profile with Google’s Places, then do it! It is easy and free.  Plus it helps you get onto Google’s local searches.  However you have to remember to go through the validation steps before your profile is active!!!

This list of social media marketing sites will just get you started in the right direction.  For more SEO tips and advice check out our “Social Media” section on this blog.